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We are a passionate crew with a tremendous love for Africa

Our team has a tremendous love for Africa – we have all lived and worked ‘on the ground’ and have all travelled far and wide across this incredible continent. We love the energy of Africa, the adventures waiting to be experienced in breath-taking landscapes and amongst an abundance of wildlife. The very essence of Africa, from the Serengeti’s plains, to mythical Mount Kilimanjaro and the meandering waterways of the Okavango Delta – this continent is in our blood and is our passion. We work from offices in Arusha (Tanzania), Nairobi (Kenya), Kigali (Rwanda) and Cape Town (South Africa) and are specialists in creating personalised, authentic safaris throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

We consist of ‘born-and-bred’ locals and others who came to visit, fell in love (with the continent!) and have never left. Our mission is to share the beauty of Africa with you – we want you to see the real Africa. We pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge – we know all the local secrets. Our speciality is leading you off the well-worn tourist trail so you experience not only to the famed National Parks, but also the smaller villages and local people whose everyday lives are as fascinating as the habits of the wildlife they live with.

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