3 unusual additions to an African safari

By Catherine Soares de Melo  |  Last updated at 04 November 2019, 10:11

Many travelers love to combine their safari with a little bit of relaxation on a beautiful stretch of coastline. Places where palm trees sway gently, and cocktails and sunsets make a daily exchange. It’s pleasing to know that there are a few places that don’t immediately spring to mind – those which you wouldn’t otherwise consider unless you were ‘in the know’! For this reason, they are much less frequented and therefore perfect for those that are looking for more seclusion and a healthy dose of escapism, before heading back home to the reality of life and routine!

In no particular order, here are three of our favorite islands that lie well off of the beaten path…

Rubondo Island

It’s been referred to as a secret fantasy island safari by the Wall Street Journal, and that’s a pretty accurate description in our opinion. In the southwest corner of Lake Victoria, this very remote, eco lodge offers a mixture of magic and adventure from trekking chimpanzee’s, to finding forest elephant on game drives and of course its wild lake waters… its a place to relax and be fully immersed in nature, and feel as if you truly are Tarzan for a few days…

Ibo Island

Not your typical beach holiday…Ibo Island lies in the Northern Mozambique archipelago and is a historian and photographers’ dream…its described as being lost in time, and forgotten to the outside world with its breathtaking ancient architecture of forts and crumbling colonial homes. Once Mozambique’s most prominent trading center, the island whispers stories of silver, prisoners and pirates to its visitors…It is fascinating to watch old silversmiths at work using ancient traditions and purchase a few trinkets thereafter, or swim and snorkel in the turquoise waters and delight in the cuisine of Arabic, African and Portuguese influence.

Likoma Island

Kaya Mawa is situated on a remote island in the middle of Lake Malawi, and this is one for the paradise hunters! It is one of a few places remaining in Africa that offers true natural beauty where the focus of ones stay is indulging in one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world and enjoying every water base activity that goes with this title – sailing, stand up paddling, wind surfing, wake boarding, water skiing. There are also an abundance of gorgeous sandy coves and pristine beaches where relaxation and naps take center stage…Other land based options include quad biking and mountain biking as well as exploring the various villages, home to 9000 inhabitants on the island.


Catherine Soares de Melo

Catherine Soares de Melo

Born in Cape Town, Catherine, our Senior Safari Specialist, has spent a lifetime exploring Africa.
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